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Friday, January 15, 2010

Krento regular update (settings dialog and more)

I made a new release of Krento

In this release the configuration dialog was added

Now is possible to define:
  • Keyboard hot keys to activate applications ring
  • Mouse key to activate applications ring
  • Ring location when it's activated
  • Start Krento automatically when Windows starts
Other new features:
  • Associate .circle files with Krento. By double click on .circle file new application ring will be loaded. You can also create the ring shortcuts on your desktop for quick rings reloading
  • Application ring files .circle is can be dragged and dropped on one of the Krento stones. Now stone can load other application circle
  • Krento settings are stored when user is logging of or shutdown PC automatically
  • Every applications ring remembers the stones location and restore it every time while loading
  • When Krento starts, it loads the last opened ring, not just a default one.
  • The .circle file name can be specified as  a command line parameter
  • New command line parameter /ns for disabling splash screen during startup
If you want more features than use UserVoice site for making new feature requests: