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Ortus acquires the eIDnative Library

The eIDnative Library is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Belgian Electronic ID Card. It includes a native API for Microsoft .NET, native Win32, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA and Java (Windows platform only). The library has been developed by Serhiy Perevoznyk and started as a freeware SDK for the Belgian electronic ID card. Ortus intends to use the library to develop freeware applications as well as  commercial applications.
Ortus maintains a free version of the eIDNative Library for the community and looks for input from users for future improvements.
"I'm happy to transfer eIDNative Library to Ortus for continued development", says Serhiy Perevoznyk, developer of the library.
"Ortus has lots of experience with similar projects and can put a full development team at work to move eIDNative Library forward."
About Serhiy Perevoznyk
Serhiy Perevoznyk is a Belgian software architect who masters Embarcadero Delphi, C#, C++ and Java. He is an authority in a l…

Krento screenshots

Some screenshots of Krento showing different Krento skins. Golden award for Krento 64 bit edition

"Krento 64 bit edition" has been tested by the labs and we have granted it by our best - GOLDEN award !

Krento 1.3 - major release

The new version of Krento 1.3 is available for download from
This is major update of Krento and I would recommend to uninstall any previously installed version before installing Krento 1.3 You personal data and application rings would stay untouched.

This release has new setup with modern look, additional features and accurate work with registry

The size of Krento was reduced almost twice even with all new features. The loading of the application rings was improved. Krento keeps applications rings history and can navigate between the rings using context menu or Ctrl + B and Ctrl + F keys (to go back and forward). The registry access was reduced (portable edition does not use registry at all). Also all operations performed now without using Administrator rights even if Krento is running under Administrator account.

Skinning Krento

The new release of Krento v., freeware desktop organizer  is available for download from

In this release the look and feel of Krento was improved and skinning engine was almost rewritten from scratch.
Now Krento supports not only RocketDock skins, but  ObjectDock skins as well. It means that already now  thousands of skins are available for Krento to choose from. To be able to show all installed skins the skin selection menu become scrollable:

You can find nice original skins that can be used with Krento on http://www.wincustomize.com and many other sites.
How to install new skins for Krento Download the skin archive to your computer.Extract it from the archiveOpen Krento skins folder. To do this, select "Options" from Krento menu and switch to "Tuning" page

Press "Open Skins Folder" buttonCopy the subfolder with your skin to Krento skins folder. If you e…

Krento 1.2 released

Krento v.1.2 released and available for download. Krento is a simple, good looking 3D application launcher for Windows.

Application launchers can speed up your computer experience, but they aren't always pleasant to look at. Krento is not only easy to configure, but it adds some serious 3D eye candy to your desktop, with little impact on resources.

Krento runs in the background from the system tray, and can be launched by either right-clicking the icon, clicking your mouse's scroll wheel, hitting Windows + C, or double-clicking a toggled "pulsar"—basically a small, semi-transparent animated icon—in the corner of your screen. To launch a program, just click on its box (or "stone", as Krento calls it). Or, if you don't want to move from the keyboard, you can also hit ctrl + the function key that corresponds to the program. In the above-pictured case, for example, Ctrl + F5 for the Command Prompt.

To add programs to the launcher, just drag and drop them on…

Krento released

A long awaited update of Krento with possibility to configure stones is released.

New features:

Assign custom image to the stoneModify stone descriptionAdd optional command line parameters to the stone applicationAdd command line argument that will be used during the stone execution.More information about the argument.
You can add to the stone target URL the special symbol sequence ##
For example:
and provide an argument prompt text.

When you execute the stone the following dialog will appear on the screen:
You can enter the keyword and press OK button. The web browser will be launched and pointed to Google with search results for your keyword.

In this way you can create the search stones for YouTube, Twitter and other social sites and search engines

Download Krento 32 bit editionDownload Krento 64 bit editionDownload Krento portable edition P.S. Do not forget to tweet or share this news with others.