Krento release

Krento is available for download from
Release information
  • Multilingual release.
The following languages are supported:
  1. English  Translator: Serhiy Perevoznyk
  2. Dutch    Translator: Sven Wyns
  3. Spanish  Translator: Sven Wyns
  4. Portuguese  Translator: Knight Rider (SoQuadrinhos)
  5. Russian     Translator: Ded2007
  6. French Belgium  Translator: Jacques Putseys
  7. French France   Translator: Paul Van Muysewinkel
  8. Romanian  Translator: Oxana Rojcova
  9. German Translator: Andreas Pitzer
  10. Latvian Translator: Juris "3Dman" Perkons
  • Added possibility to select a folder (not only file or shortcut) as a target for "File Launcher" stone
  • Extended Pulsar popup menu for more easy setup of Krento Stones, Toys and Skins
  • A lot of small improvements (visit Krento support forum for details)
Update 30.11.2011
The new address of the Krento support forum is


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