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Running Stack Docklet 2.0 from Krento

Krento can run RocketDock docklets and StackDocklet 2.0 probably one of the most popular docklets for RocketDock.

The setup of this docklet is not really trivial (maybe because it's a beta version), but can give a really interesting result. Here is the detailed instruction how to install the StackDocklet 2.0 for Krento.

1. Download StackDocklet 2.0 The download link from the author's website is broken, but you can download it from Megaupload site:
2. Extract the content of the StackDocklet2.0.rar archive to your hard drive.
3. Copy all files from the archive to Krento "Docklets" folder
This folder is located inside the Krento Data Folder.

Open Krento Data Folder, find inside "Dockets" folder and copy StackDocklet 2.0 files there.
One of the files StackDocklet.dll you have to copy to other location: Krento Application folder. This is a folder where Krento.exe is located. By default it's C:\Program Files\Krento folder.

eIDreader2010: NIEUW eid mini versie 2

eIDreader2010: NIEUW eid mini versie 2:

Nieuwe versie, nieuwe website... DocX office ondersteuning. : :

Krento is out

Krento is out and can be downloaded from

What's new in this release:
New way of activating the application ring: just keep right mouse button pressed for 0.5 secAdded  ActivateCursor option to Krento.ini file. When Krento is activated via keyboard the mouse cursor is not moved the the application ring center, but stays in it originan positionAdded "Select Circle" menu item to the main Krento menu for more easy circle selection without going back or forward  through all existing circlesUpdated Krento translationNew way of  the Application Ring selection. When pressing the Ctrl + Tab keyboard shortcut the new ring selection dialog appears:
Using Tab key while keep pressing the Ctrl key is possible to select the desired application ring (similar to the task selection in Windows using Alt + Tab keys).

Como personalizar o seu DESKTOP usando o KRENTO.


TiltStr::不定期版: Krento ver. - 日本語言語ファイル

Krento 2.0 released

Krento version 2.0 is released and available for download for free from

What's new in this release: The limitation of 12 stones per application ring is goneYou can add an additional stones to the application ringYou can remove stones from the application ring You can reorder stones on the ringStone icon can be an animated GIF imageNew high-speed built-in web server. Krento can be controlled using web browserImproved compatibility with Windows 7Improved 64 bit supportAdded more than 20 new built-in stones Improved skins drawing. Most of the skins was redesigned and some new skins added.New option IntegrateToolbar added to the Krento.ini file. When activated, Krento shows the jump list in Windows 7 Extended support for Krento Toys. Now Toys can be written in C#, VB or JavaScript and distributed as a script source files. No compilation needed. It makes possible to create new Toys without using Visual Studio.Added the hint window with the name of the current Applicati…