Krento 2.0 released

Krento version 2.0 is released and available for download for free from

What's new in this release:
  • The limitation of 12 stones per application ring is gone
  • You can add an additional stones to the application ring
  • You can remove stones from the application ring
  • Improved skins drawing. Most of the skins was redesigned and some new skins added.
  • New option IntegrateToolbar added to the Krento.ini file. When activated, Krento shows the jump list in Windows 7
  • Extended support for Krento Toys. Now Toys can be written in C#, VB or JavaScript and distributed as a script source files. No compilation needed. It makes possible to create new Toys without using Visual Studio.
  • Added the hint window with the name of the current Application Ring.
  • Added new buttons for more easy navigation between the rings and activating the setting dialog
  • Added additional high-resolution images for the most popular applications and web sites. You can extend this collection by yourself in very easy way.
  • The menu skin can be changed directly from the main menu.
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button Click shows the list of the available application rings
  • During the setup the speed optimization for your PC is performed
  • For better speed many functions was translated from C# to C++
  • Improved drag and drop support for Krento stones
  • Many other internal fixes...


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