Belgian eID card access SDK

EIDNative Library is a freeware SDK for Belgian Electronic ID Card.

EIDNative Library includes native API for:

* Microsoft .NET
* Native Win32
* Visual Basic 6.0 and VBA
* Java (only Windows platform)

and supports the following programming languages:

* All .NET languages (C#, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi .NET, etc...)
* Visual C++
* Visual Basic 6.0
* Visual Basic for applications (Microsoft Office)
* Delphi
* Java

Demo projects are included for every supported language.

EIDNative Library implements API for every supported language using target language. For example,.NET version is written in C#, Delphi version is written in Delphi and Java version written in Java without using COM or ActiveX.

EIDNative library is a first freeware solution for working with Belgian EID cards that compatible with official "Belgian eID Middleware", but not require it. All applications developed using EIDNative Library will run disregard of the eID MiddleWare presence without card blocking problems.

When "Belgian eID Middleware" is installed EIDNative Library will redirect all functions calls to it, acting like a proxy between an application and eID Middleware. In case if eID Middleware is not installed,it would access eID card directly with high speed.

Remember, you have to distribute EIDReader.dll with your applications always.
You can copy it to your application folder or to Windows system folder,
depends from the target development language requirements.


* Direct access to Belgian eID card
* Compatible with official eID Middleware
* Native binding - no COM or ActiveX needed
* Microsoft .NET, Win32 and Java implementation


  1. This is what I was waiting for for a long, long time.. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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  4. can anybody help me with instruction on how to read eID data from ms access 2003?

    Many thanks


    peke2800 at yahoo dot kom

  5. Hi Peter,

    All necessary samples and documentation is included in eidNative setup.
    There is a VB/VBA demo that works with Access and MS Word demo that can be used with Access as well

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  7. Is there a example for in 64bit environment?

  8. No, but I am working on a new 64 bit version now


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