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Krento on Best Freeware site

Krento has been reviewed by Best Freeware Download and got 5 stars award

Krento Stones management video

Krento on Flickr

I added some screenshots  of Krento to Flickr and have a plan to add some more screenshots to this set later. To be continued...


Krento is available for download.

As always you can download the latest version of Krento from my SkyDrive or from the official Krento website
Krento 32 bit versionKrento 64 bit versionKrento portable edition In this release was fixed the problem with usage of mouse action buttons (2 additional buttons on 5 button mouse) and improved the quality of the icons when running on Windows Vista or Windows 7. For some types of stones the icons were replaced with standard Windows icons.

I also added new settings to make Krento configuration more flexible:

Krento release

New release of Krento is available for download:
Krento 32 bit versionKrento 64 bit versionKrento portable editionAs was suggested by Mike Lee I assign now a unique version number to every release. These numbers will help those of us who are following your development of Krento, and making suggestions or bug reports, to accurately identify what version we are using. All editions are synchronized.

Updated and extended options dialog. More settings, more flexible mouse activation with help of key modifiers Fixed problem with assigning the new skin and storing skin name between the sessionsPossible to assign custom icons for the stones. Just drag and drop image file (jpg, png, gif, tif, ico or bmp) to the stone for changing default stone icon to the new oneAdded ability to show/hide tray icon

Krento regular update (settings dialog and more)

I made a new release of Krento

In this release the configuration dialog was added

Now is possible to define:
Keyboard hot keys to activate applications ringMouse key to activate applications ringRing location when it's activatedStart Krento automatically when Windows startsOther new features:
Associate .circle files with Krento. By double click on .circle file new application ring will be loaded. You can also create the ring shortcuts on your desktop for quick rings reloadingApplication ring files .circle is can be dragged and dropped on one of the Krento stones. Now stone can load other application circleKrento settings are stored when user is logging of or shutdown PC automaticallyEvery applications ring remembers the stones location and restore it every time while loadingWhen Krento starts, it loads the last opened ring, not just a default one.The .circle file name can be specified as  a command…

Krento security report


Certificate for Krento - Works with Vista‏

"We are glad to let you know that your software "Krento" have received a "Works with Vista" certificate. You must know, no more than 20% of all software titles from our site will receive this award."

Best Regards,
  Free Vista Files Team.

How to create new stones ring in Krento

Launch KrentoMove your mouse over the big central button of Krento and press right mouse buttonKrento will show context menuSelect "Create new circle" menu itemThe file save dialog will be shown. Select desired name for your new stones ring and click on "Save" buttonThe current circle will be replaced with the new. The new circle contains only empty stones. You can start to drag and drop you items (files, programs, shortcuts, web addresses) to the empty stones.As soon as you fill in all 12 stones your new ring is ready.You can create as many rings as you want and select any of them at any moment via same context menu.

krento skinnedsetup!!!!!!!!

Krento video from YouTube