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Krento Suite Desktop Widgets

From the beginning Krento was designed to be a combination of Widget Engine and Application Launcher.  Later, the Application Launcher functionality received a higher priority and the Widget Engine development was frozen.

Before Krento a few interesting and powerful widget engine alternatives existed but unfortunately the best of them have now been abandoned by developers. On 14 September 2011 Google discontinued the Google Desktop, it is no longer available for download and existing installations are not updated to include new features or fixes. Another popular application Yahoo! Desktop Widgets discontinued on April 11, 2012 and Yahoo Desktop Widgets can no longer be downloaded. While Microsoft is concentrated on the new Metro interface of Windows 8, the situation with Microsoft Windows Sidebar is unclear and finally my favourite application, Kapsules, has not been updated for more than 3 years.

For this reason from version 3.1 of Krento the Widget Engine received a second life and it…