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Krento Chrome Window Skin

Stan Ragets designed a new skin for Krento:

This skin is available for download from his website:

ANSI version of the Quricol Delphi library

Last year I published the Quricol library for Delphi 2010 or better, but some users still need the support for older Delphi versions. As a result I made an update to Quricol library with support not only the Unicode, but also ANSI Delphi code. //=============================================================================== // Copyright (c) Serhiy Perevoznyk. All rights reserved. // THIS CODE AND INFORMATION IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY // OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT // LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND // FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. //=============================================================================== unit QuricolCodeAnsi; interface uses Windows, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics; type TQRCode = class public class procedure GenerateBitmap(const FileName : string; const Text : string; Margin : integer = 4; PixelSize : integer = 3); class procedure GeneratePng(c…

Quricol Delphi sample

Update 11.09.2013: Quricol 2.0 is available for download. More information about this version on program QuricolDemo; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses SysUtils, Graphics, Classes, QuricolCodeAnsi in 'QuricolCodeAnsi.pas'; var bmp : TBitmap; MS : TMemoryStream; begin try //Generate Windows bitmap and save to file TQRCode.GenerateBitmap('delphi1.bmp', ''); //Generate PNG image and save to file TQRCode.GeneratePng('delphi1.png', ''); //Generate TBitmap bmp := TQRCode.GetBitmap(''); bmp.SaveToFile('delphi2.bmp'); //Generate PNG to the memory stream MS := TMemoryStream.Create; TQRCode.GetPng(MS, ''); MS.Position := 0; MS.SaveToFile('delphi2.png'); MS.Free; …