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A stone's throw away

It has been our experience that many Windows desktop enhancements are more trouble than they're worth; they tend to slow down our system's performance, have unintuitive interfaces, and make the things they set out to enhance more complicated than ever. Krento is among the better desktop enhancements we've seen, but it's still far from perfect.

Krento sets out to combine two things with which we're familiar from our experience as a Mac user: a dock and widgets. When not in use, Krento appears as an attractive, gently pulsing orb in the bottom corner of the desktop. Click on the orb and the Krento Stones Manager appears. This is a circular arrangement of 12 "stones," each of which represents a shortcut to an application, document, Web site, or other useful location. The Kento Application Ring is a stone within the manager that opens into a ring of its own, allowing you to group applications together in one place. In general, we liked Krento; it looks cool a…