Swelio 1.6 released

Swelio 1.6 is available for download.
This release includes bugs fixing based on the users feedback.
Thanks to Tom Pester and Tim Messiaen for useful comments.

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Swelio 1.5 - Freeware Belgian eID card SDK

The new release of Swelio - freeware Belgian eID card SDK is available for download.

Whats new in this release:

* Fixed some bugs in C++ code
* Updated C++ documentation
* Added Delphi documentation
* Added Microsoft .NET binding

The C# source code of the .NET binding included. The library supports AnyCPU, x86 and x64 projects. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 - 4.5 and tested with all Windows versions starting from Windows XP.
The provided assembly was compiled for .NET Framework 2.0 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, but the project can be easily upgraded to the more recent versions of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio. It was done to cover more possible configuration, because the downgrade of the Visual Studio project is not possible. The sample project is also provided.

Please leave your comments or write a review to help me improve the quality and functionality of the Swelio SDK. If you found a bug - please report it to me using the contact form. The future requests …

EIDNative library update

There is a small update for EIDNative library 3.0 available:
This update solves some problems related to the new Eid card with chip v1.7

Freeware Fullscreen desktop clock application

Desktop clock is a  simple freeware application that shows the fullscreen clock using your photos as background. The background changes every minute.

Download Desktop clock for Windows.

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Android: Get current date and time

This is a very common task in app development - get the current date and time value. In Android you can use 2 simple methods to achieve this:Method 1Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(); Date d = c.getTime(); Method 2 Time now = new Time(); now.setToNow();

Introducing Swelio - new library for Belgian eID cards

The freeware Belgian eID cards access library called Swelio is available for download:

No external dependenciesx32 and x64 versionsAll functions have Unicode and Ansi versionSimple to use, easy to embed in any programming languageC++ and Delphi SDK with samples and documenation are includedWorks in Windows XP - Windows 8Provides 256 different functionsQR codes generationExport card data to XMLMultiple readers supportExports photo in different graphical formatsNo eID Middleware requiredHash functions and encryption supportedCheck of the pin codeCan create and verify digital signaturesMany other useful things... The new version of this blog is available on