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Info-ZIP C# wrapper article at Codeproject

Many of today's applications require the capability of extracting certain files from a ZIP archive, either onto the hard disk or into memory. A lot of useful zip libraries for .NET applications abound on the Web (SharpZipLib for .NET Framework is a very known one), but I wanted to use the Info-ZIP library as it was always my favorite library for C++ projects.Info-ZIP is an Open Source version of Phil Katz's "deflate" and "inflate" routines used in his popular file compression program, PKZIP. Info-ZIP code has been incorporated into a number of third-party products as well, both commercial and freeware. It offers two dynamic link libraries: one for zipping, and one for unzipping.The Info-ZIP DLLs are free to use and distribute, but they are designed to be used in C/C++ projects, so they're not really .NET-friendly. Also, the Info-ZIP package contains almost no documentation showing how to use the Info-ZIP DLLs.Therefore, I decided to write a small C# wra…

EIDNative Library 2.0 released

Ik heb een nieuwe versie van EIDNative bibliotheek gemaakt die ondersteunt meer dan 1 smartcard-lezer.
U kunt download EIDNative van mijn site:

Er zijn nieuw methoden, zoals

public void InitReader(int readerNumber) public void SelectReader(int readerNumber) public void SelectReader(string readerName) ... Update from 09.03.2012