Introducing Krento: Modern desktop organizer for Windows

Here is very first screenshots of Krento. Krento is freeware widget engine for Windows, based on Karna .NET library. It includes widgets (in Krento terms "stones") for quick launching applications and web bookmarks, acting in this case as a fast application launcher, accessing virtual folders, like "My computer" or "Recycle bin", displaying current IP address of your PC, etc... The development of new stones is very easy and every new release of Krento will include more new interesting stones, extending Krento functionality.

Krento Stones Manager

Krento Pulsar

Selecting stone's type

Krento Manager popup menu

As Krento supports skins, here is few examples how it looks with the skins applied. Because Krento is a new product, it supports also skins of Rocket Dock, so you don't have to wait for Krento skins collection, you can use existing one!.

Download Krento:

Krento requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  1. Krento does not appear to be compatible with Windows 7 x64. I know of at least 2 users that have tried it. It just starts and exits.


  2. Krento is Win32 application. I will try to fix x64 problems, but also I have a plan to make a special x64 release later

  3. OK, thanks. Wasn't sure if it should be running on x64. I look forward to seeing that version later :)

  4. Cool launcher, Sir do you have any plans to release a portable version?-

  5. Yes, I have a plan to make a portable version. Actually it's not so difficult, because Krento uses only ini files for configuration and do not access registry.

  6. Thanks for this great program!!
    I created a new circle just for links to some file folders on my HD. When I drag and drop, the icon on the stone becomes an open file folder, even though the icon on my HD is different. So now I have 12 stones, all with the same icon! Is it possible to use other icons?

  7. Hello Dexter,

    As usual the very first release of any application Krento implemented the limited set of features, but it will be improved in the future.

    There is no such settings for selecting the folder icon yet, but it's possible to change the icon manually.

    First, you have to find your *.circle file. Usually it's located in "C:\Users\UserName\Application Data\Krento\Stones\" folder on Windows Vista or "C:\User Data\UserName\Application Data\Krento\Stones\".

    Open this file with Notepad.

    You will see the definition of your stone, like:


    Now you have to find the file with the name that stays in [] and extension .png in "Cache" folder. In my example the name of the file is c1f4da11-8dbe-4984-9c69-409b5294486b.png

    The cache folder is located in the same folder as "Stones" folder.
    "C:\Users\UserName\Application Data\Krento\"

    The size of the image is 48x48

    If you replaced the image in the cache folder with your own, Krento will use it when restarted.

    If you miss some functionality, you can always use UserVoice site for making new feature requests:

  8. Hello,

    Somebody asked for a portable version? Well, it's available for download:

  9. Hello kalahari,

    If you are still interested in x64 version, please read the following message:

  10. Hello Dexter,
    I made the new release where I fixed the folders icons. Download link:

  11. Thanks! It works great!


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