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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PHP4Delphi vs Delphi for PHP

It's the real Comedy of Errors :)  Recently I looked in Google and was surprised how many links pointed to one of the products or the name is mentioned somewhere on the forum when the author means another product. I do understand now CodeGear's point of view (see my second post), but the situations remains the same. I feel that mostly PHP developers use wrong name, because Delphi developers know the difference between "Delphi for PHP" and PHP4Delphi.

The best description of this disambiguation was given by Jonathan Benedicto:

"Delphi For PHP can run Delphi code, because Delphi For PHP can run PHP code and because PHP code can run Delphi code. This is because PHP can run Delphi code, because a PHP extension can be written in Delphi, using PHP For Delphi's PHP extensions development framework. So, using Delphi For PHP, which, written in Delphi, runs PHP code, using PHP For Delphi, that PHP code, running in Delphi For PHP, can call a PHP extension being PHP, and the PHP extension can be written in Delphi, and executed in Delphi For PHP, using PHP For Delphi. So the end result is that Delphi For PHP, using PHP For Delphi, may execute PHP code, that may call a PHP extension, that may be written in Delphi, because PHP For Delphi can create a PHP extension from Delphi code, so Delphi For PHP can execute Delphi code, by calling PHP that calls a PHP extension written in Delphi. Oh, and did I mention that Delphi For PHP is written using Delphi For Win32?

Am I close to the truth? ;-) "