Krento 1.6 release

Krento 1.6 released and available for download from

Krento is a widget engine that supports 3 different types of widgets. One type that can do small,
but useful actions, like launching applications, named "Krento Stones", another one that has more decorative purposes named "Krento Toys". "Krento Toys" are similar to Google Gadgets or Windows Sidebar widgets.
This naming convention helps to avoid misunderstanding when downloading and installing different types of Krento widgets. In addition Krento supports RocketDock docklets, but places it directly to the desktop the same way as "Krento Toys".

Release information:
* Automatically checks for new Krento releases
* Added support for RocketDock docklets
* Added possibility to select a folder (not only file or shortcut) as a target for "File Launcher" stone
* Added configuration screen to all types of Krento Stones

RocketDock docklets support

You can add RocketDock docklets to Krento by dropping them in the "Docklets" folder located in Krento Data Folder. Afther you restart Krento the docklets will be activated on your desktop.


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2010

    Krento spanish translation is awful, you should change it

  2. The translation of Krento to different languages is done not by me, but some users who want to see it in his own language. If you think that Spanish translation can be done better, why you don't try to do it yourself? See how to translate Krento


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