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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Krento release

New version of Krento is available for download from
This time not only x86 and x64 versions are available, but the special Itanium edition as well:
There are few bugs fixed:
* Invisible controls focusing in the options dialog
* Setting of the working directory for the executables
* Relative path to the target for the portable edition
All these problems were reported via Krento Support Forum 

To solve the problem with relative paths in the portable version of Krento I introduced the new environment variable %KRENTO_DRIVE% that points to the current USB drive from which Krento is running. Now you can specify the name of the file like %KRENTO_DRIVE%\AIDA\aida32.exe. If your USB drive has the drive letter F: assigned, for example, then %KRENTO_DRIVE% value is equal to F: (without backslash).