Krento 2.0.956.28 release

Krento 2.0.956.28 is available for download from
This is bugs fixing release. More details is available on the Krento forum.

If you can't access site try another address:


  1. Hi I have a question to ask you

    How can we format a cell like make it bold or give a background color using his write cell function?

    public void WriteCell(int row, int col, string value)
    ushort[] clData = { 0x0204, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 };
    int iLen = value.Length;
    byte[] plainText = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(value);
    clData[1] = (ushort)(8 + iLen);
    clData[2] = (ushort)row;
    clData[3] = (ushort)col;
    clData[5] = (ushort)iLen;

    Regarding you article...

    Can you help???

  2. Hi,

    I am planning to update the article and add some additional formating and colors support. I let you know when it will be available

  3. That would be gr8. Pls let me know as I am eager to put this functionality in my application. Or if u can gv out any pointers tht would help too...

  4. I updated the ExcelWriter library, you can download the new version


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