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Generate Excel files without using Microsoft Excel (Part 2)

After publishing my article on CodeProject I received a lot of questions how to change the font, alignment or color of the cells in the resulting Excel file. I improved the code of the ExcelWriter library and added the possibility to format cells. You can download the new release of the ExcelWriter library here:

Update from 31 Jan. 2012:
This code is provided to show the possibility of easy export of the information to Excel files, not to manipulate existing Excel files or performing the complex formatting operations. The aim of this demo is to make the export easy and simple. In case if you do more complex tasks I can recommend to use another library, for example I do not have any plans to extend the provided code in the future.

namespace XLSExportDemo { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { ExcelDocument document = new Ex…

PDF Gallery - freeware JPEG to PDF converter

PDF Gallery is a freeware images to PDF converter. PDF Gallery is a very simple to use, but powerful file conversion tool designed to convert the JPEG, PNG and BMP images into PDF files.
Running PDF Gallery does not require any Adobe or image processing programs installed on your computer. It has no extra dependencies and can work in portable mode.
PDF Gallery can convert every image to a separate PDF file or combine multiple images to one PDF file in portrait or landscape layout. It works very fast the size of the resulting PDF file and its quality can be controlled by the user. PDF Gallery supports drag and drop, image stretch, page orientation and offset, images order and other useful features.
It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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