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DesktopPaparazzo - freeware screen capture tool

DesktopPaparazzo is a tool to help you capture difficult screenshots.

Some elements are camera shy. Perhaps you want to capture a hint, popup or menu item but every time you press the print screen button your subject disappears from view.  Well DesktopPaparazzo is here to help, simply specify a time interval and a folder then DesktopPaparazzo will snap away and provide you with a collection of screen shots leaving you free to set up the screen how you want it. DesktopPaparazzo is extremely easy to configure, you can even decide whether you want to capture the mouse pointer in your screenshot.
Download DesktopPaparazzo:

  Watch Desktop Paparazzo Video Tutorial done by

SimpleLogoff - one click logoff from Windows

SimpleLogoff is an open source freeware application for one click logoff from Windows. Download link:!215&parid=B4508367FACE85D1!134
By executing this application you are logged out without any questions asked.
The application is portable, no any setup needed. The source code is included.