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Krento impovements proposal

I received the very interesting mail from one of the Krento users, so I decided to make it available for everybody.

My message was to big for improvements so snedingthis:

After using "Fences" for years, I took the 30 day trial for the upgrade and, since it did nothing for me, I declined the offer; but the message to buy kept coming up - every few seconds. The only way around it was to uninstall it. When I did that, my desktop was left in dissaray. That's when I decided to search for a replacement. After a month I found Krento. While it has its failings, it not only does the job, but has great potential.
I have 15 circles with 112 stones (far too many and something I am working on).
Here are my suggestions:
1. Add a "donations" function. You certainly deserve it and I would donate.

From the very beginning I promised to keep Krento free - no ads, donations, hidden cost, etc... I would like to keep it this way as long as I can.

2. Add an option to "move…