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Introducing Swelio - new library for Belgian eID cards

The freeware Belgian eID cards access library called Swelio is available for download:

No external dependenciesx32 and x64 versionsAll functions have Unicode and Ansi versionSimple to use, easy to embed in any programming languageC++ and Delphi SDK with samples and documenation are includedWorks in Windows XP - Windows 8Provides 256 different functionsQR codes generationExport card data to XMLMultiple readers supportExports photo in different graphical formatsNo eID Middleware requiredHash functions and encryption supportedCheck of the pin codeCan create and verify digital signaturesMany other useful things... The new version of this blog is available on

EIDNative library version 3.0 is released

EIDNative - the Belgian eID card access library version 3.0 is available for download.

Now it supports x64 and x32 Windows and can be used from Windows XP to Windows 8. This is the last release of the EIDNative library and it will be not updated in the future, because I made the new more advanced and powerful library for reading electronic id cards and the new library will replace EIDNative.

The new version of this blog is available on