EIDNative - release

EIDNative library is available for download

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/eidnative/files/eidnative/EID%20Native%20Library%202.3/EIDLibrarySetup.

I added in this release of EIDNative an additional function for waiting when the card is inserted and few functions for exporting data from eID and SIS cards to SCV files - the same as for ActiveX version.
The ideas for these modifications come from Ben De Cat.

An official middleware 3.5 has no compatibility problem with EIDNative. With older versions of middleware EIDNative works using special compatibility mode. In other words, EIDNative does not require the middleware to be installed, but works on PCs with and without the middleware installed. All parts of EIDNative are independent: EIDNativeX (ActiveX version) works without EIDNative, etc...


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