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Extending Krento functionality using Krento Toys

Krento widgets designed to run on your desktop (Krento Toys). Widgets are desktop toys to entertain and to inform. Think of them like things you’d put on a real desk: a picture frame, a newspaper or live goldfish! But they’re on your PC desktop, not your real desk. You’ll get it once you see it. They could be a fun addition to your boring computer. Download Krento Toys from

Selecting Folder in Krento

Krento release

Krento is available for download from
Release information Multilingual release. The following languages are supported:
EnglishTranslator: Serhiy PerevoznykDutchTranslator: Sven WynsSpanishTranslator: Sven WynsPortugueseTranslator: Knight Rider (SoQuadrinhos)RussianTranslator: Ded2007French BelgiumTranslator: Jacques PutseysFrench FranceTranslator: Paul Van MuysewinkelRomanianTranslator: Oxana RojcovaGermanTranslator: Andreas PitzerLatvianTranslator: Juris "3Dman" PerkonsAdded possibility to select a folder (not only file or shortcut) as a target for "File Launcher" stoneExtended Pulsar popup menu for more easy setup of Krento Stones, Toys and SkinsA lot of small improvements (visit Krento support forum for details)Update 30.11.2011
The new address of the Krento support forum is

Download extra Krento Stones

Krento comes with 15 embedded Stones (special Krento widgets), but this set can be extended by downloading and installing additional Stones.

New Stones are available for download:
Krento Data Folder Stone Open / close CD tray Stone to install Krento Stones?
Download Krento Stone to your PCLaunch KrentoDrag and drop stone to Krento PulsarYou need Krento 1.5 installed to use this functionality.

Krento GoldFish Toy

Krento Goldfish Toy is available for download:

For using this Krento Toy you need Krento 1.5 installed.

Krento 64 bit edition - 5 stars award on Best Software 4 Download

Krento 64 bit edition has been reviewed by Best Software 4 Download and got 5 stars award

Krento screenshot

Krento as a part of HTPC desktop.

Parlement ontbonden, verkiezingen op 13 juni

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Krento CPU Information Toy

Krento CPU Information toy is available for download:

You need Krento 1.5 installed to run this toy. You can download more toys from Krento forum:

Update 30.11.2011
The new address of the Krento support forum is

Krento Clock Toy

New Krento "Clock" toy is available for download. You need Krento 1.5 to run it.

More Krento toys you can find on Krento forum:

Update 30.11.2011
The new address of the Krento support forum is

How to install Krento toy

KissMe: very first Krento toy is available for download

KissMe: very first Krento toy is available for download

What is "Krento Toy"?

It is a small, lightweight single-purpose application, or software widget, that can sit on a Microsoft Windows user's computer desktop.

Why Krento uses word "Toy" in place of "widget"?

Krento is a widget engine that supports 2 different types of widgets. One type that can do small, but useful actions, like launching applications, named Krento Stones and another one that has more decorative purposes named Krento Toys.
It helps to avoid misunderstanding when downloading and installing different types of Krento widgets. 

How to find Krento Data Folder

Change Krento Menu Skin

Change Krento Skin

Krento Select Language

The native Krento skin is a set of the ini text file and few images. The default name of the ini file is background.ini You can use Notepad to create and edit background.ini file.

Ini file (skin settings file) has the following structure:

Name = User Friendly Name of the skin
FontName = Tahoma
FontSize = 14
Color = White
HotImage = DoDown.png
StoneInfo = StoneInfo.png

Image = background.png
LeftWidth    = 12
RightWidth    = 12
TopHeight   = 12
BottomHeight   = 12
OutsideBorderTop   = 0
OutsideBorderBottom   = 0
OutsideBorderLeft    = 0
OutsideBorderRight    = 0
TextOffset = 14

Image = background.png
OutsideBorderTop   = 12
OutsideBorderBottom   = 12
OutsideBorderLeft    = 12
OutsideBorderRight    = 12
Border = 0

If the size of the stone skin drawing is smaller than total size of the image (image has unused transparent area between the image border and the skin border) this area size is specified by using OutsideBorderXXX param…