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Adding Windows 7 Jump List to a Delphi 2010 application

Recently I decided to update one of my Delphi applications and make it more shiny when running on Windows 7. I looked up in the list of the new Windows 7 features and selected the Windows 7 taskbar Jump List as a nice feature for my application. As of Windows 7, the taskbar has been extended with a possibility to create a list of destinations and common tasks associated with an application.This is the application's Jump List. The Jump List is available whether the taskbar button is in a launcher state (the application isn't running) or whether it represents one or more windows.

As a result of this work I made a Delphi 2010 library for easy manipulating of Windows 7 Jump List.
You can download the full source code here:
The Jump List class is similar to Microsoft .NET 4.0 JumpList class

TJumpList = class sealed ... public constructor Create; destructor Destroy; override; procedure Clear; procedure AddToRecentCategory(ItemPath: string); …

Delphi class for managing file associations

File associations provide a straightforward and useful way for users and developers to customize the Shell's treatment of defined file types.

Application developers can use file associations to link an application to one or more desired file types, and customize the Shell's treatment of that application's file type. For example, when the application installs, it can check for the existence of the appropriate file associations, and either create or override them as appropriate. The file association can then cause the Shell to display custom icons for files of the given types. The file association can also control how the Shell interprets user input for a file of a given type. For example, when a user double-clicks a file, the Shell launches the application and uses it to open the file.

The following Delphi class can be used to associate the application with the given file extension and compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

// -------------------------------------…